Strength Training Workouts for WomenMore and more women are discovering the benefits of strength training, and learning how to build the body that they have always wanted. The outdated idea of cardio being for women and strength training being for men has been recognized as incorrect and personal trainers now teach strength training workouts for women on a regular basis.

But what about the women who cannot afford personal trainers? Well, the good news is that strength training workouts for women are not really all that different to strength training plans for men. In fact, a man and a woman could follow the same programming and get equal benefit, the only difference being that women would use lighter weights than the man.

The best strength training workouts for women who are beginners is a linear progression programme such as Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength. This programme involves starting with a very light weight and working on a plan which uses the squat, bench, dead lift, row and power clean for three sets of five. The idea behind the programme is that after each workout you increase the amount of weight that you lift, until you are unable to increase it any further. If you fail on a lift three workouts in a row, you reduce the amount you were lifting and work back up to that limit, hopefully surpassing it the second time around.

This linear progression system is incredibly effective for beginners, and is a good way to build up a decent base of strength. The lifts used exercise the whole body, and this means that they are good for injury prevention too.

Training for Different Goals

If you are interested in getting stronger then you will need to combine strength training with adequate rest and good nutrition. While beginners can see some strength gains just from central nervous system adaptation, muscle growth requires adequate protein intake and ideally a calorie surplus.

Women who are interested in losing fat and looking more toned may have success with the idea of recomping. This involves strength training while eating at a small calorie deficit. The strength training helps the body to hold on to muscle mass while the calorie deficit means that the body burns fat for energy. The end result is a leaner looking body.

Bulk is Not an Issue

One common concern among women who are just getting started with weight training is that it will make them look big and bulky. The truth is that it is almost impossible for a woman to get very bulky through weight training unless they eat a huge amount of food and spend an awful lot of time in the gym – meaning training several times per day, and doing little other than eating, sleeping, taking supplements and lifting.

The bulky looking female bodybuilding competitors devoted their entire lives, for many years, to building that physique – and it is an insult to their hard work and dedication to imply that someone could get there by accident. Even a hard-working casual trainee would get only an athletic looking physique for their efforts in the gym, and most women actually like the athletic look, but simply misunderstand the amount of work that it takes to get there. If you would like to achieve that look, then you should start with a strength training routine, and then focus on tracking your calorie intake to either lose or gain weight, depending on the long term goal you have in mind. It will take a sustained effort, but resistance training can get you to your goal.

Well, we hope that this post was helpful for you. If you try to find recommended strength training workouts for women then the 30 minute workout below can be a great choice to start with… All the best!

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