If you heard about Curvalicious by Flavia Del Monte and you are looking for the real truth about this fitness program for women then this page is for you.

In this Curvalicious review you will find out what the Curvalicious program is all about, what you will find inside this system, what are the strong and weak points of this popular product and most important, you will discover if Flavia Del Monte’s workout system is really the best body sculpting solution for you or not.

If you don’t want to throw away your hard earned money for a fitness program that is simply not for you, then we will strongly recommend to dedicate couple of minutes and to learn if Curvalicious is really the best solution for you by reading our detailed review.

First of all, let’s understand better what the Curvalicious workout system is all about…


What Is Curvalicious?


A Short description

Created by Flavia Del Monte, a certified trainer, nutritionist, a registered nurse and one of the most famous female fitness experts in the US, Curvalicious can be best described as a complete body sculpting system which was designed and optimized only for women.

The Curvalicious system is based on a 5 day workout program for 12 weeks which targets different muscle groups and can be done at home or in gym. This workout program revolves around the “2.5 Pound Non-Sexy Solution” idea which simply says that by improving in smaller increments you will be able to get better long term results and to keep yourself much more motivated on the same time.

What Is Included Inside The Curvalicious Workout System?

In order to provide a complete body sculpting system for women, Flavia Del Monte offers several components inside her Curvalicious program and in short here are the things that you will find inside this system:

  • The Main Curvalicious Workout guide that described the “2.5 Pound Non-Sexy Solution” in great details and shows you what you need to do in order to apply it.
  • The Curvalicious Nutrition guide that shows step-by-step what you need to eat and when in order to blast fat and build lean muscle without starving yourself.
  • The Curvalicious Workout System Video series that contains two editions: the home version and the gym version. In these series you can watch Flavia Del Monte performing all the exercises inside the Curvalicious system and to learn how to get the best results from each one of them.
  • The Printable Curvalicious Workout Sheets that contains pictures and instructions of each workout in the program.
  • The Curvalicious Supplementation Guide that contains information on several optional supplements that can be combined together with the Curvalicious system in order to get even better results.
  • The Dynamic Warm Up & Stretching Guides which are two components that are not exactly related to the main workout program, however Flavia Del Monte included them in her system in order to show you the right way to prepare the joints and muscles before you start any set of exercises and to teach you how to promote healing between the workouts properly.

Flavia Del Monte curvalicious

The Pros And Cons Of The Curvalicious System


The Pros


  • The Curvalicious program was specifically designed for women and this kind of programs will always deliver better results compared to general fitness programs for both men and women.
  • Very comprehensive fitness program that contains 8 different components, much more than what most programs offer.
  • Complete body sculpting program that combines workouts and nutrition plan in a very impressive way.
  • Offers two different types of workout programs: “home gym version” and “regular gym version” that allow maximum flexibility for women with busy schedule or without a gym membership.
  • High quality videos by Flavia Del Monte of every workout inside the Curvalicious system, along with detailed explanations which helps a lot.
  • All the material inside the Curvalicious system is available for immediate download after your purchase, which means you can start following the program on the same day.
  • The Curvalicious system comes with complete money back guarantee for 8 weeks which makes it a risk free program.


The Cons


  • Some of the exercises inside the Curvalicious system are quite challenging and beginners may find them to be a bit difficult for them.
  • The Curvalicious workout program involves 5 days of training each week and you must be fully committed in order to get the desired results.
  • The Curvalicious system is a bit more expensive compared to other body sculpting programs for women such as the Venus Factor.
  • If you will choose to follow the “home gym workout edition” instead of the “regular gym edition” then you will probably need to purchase some equipment (quite basic equipment such as dumbbells and stability ball).


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curvalicious systemShould You Get The Curvalicious Workout System?


Curvalicious by Flavia Del Monte is for you if:


  • You are looking for a body sculpting system that was designed only for women and was created by a female fitness expert.
  • You are looking for a complete solution that combines workout program together with nutrition plan.
  • It is important for you to have the possibility to follow in-home training program and not only gym training program.
  • You are looking for a step-by-step program that contains videos, explanations and pictures of every little thing you should know in order to get the best results.
  • You want risk free solution that includes full money back guarantee.


Curvalicious by Flavia Del Monte is for you if:


  • You are completely beginner that never followed any exercise program in your life.
  • You don’t plan to train 5 days a week and to follow the Curvalicious workout program at home or in gym.
  • You are looking for a “quick fix” fat loss program that will give you immediate results.
  • You have a tight budget and you are looking for a cheap fitness program for women.

curvalicious reviewThe Bottom Line:

We personally believe that the Curvalicious workout system by Flavia Del Monte is one of the most comprehensive fitness programs for women ever created and we will recommend it for every woman that are looking for a real solution to get the lean, sexy body.

Flavia Del Monte really included in her Curvalicious system every component that is required in order to get amazing results and the combination of her workout program together with her nutrition advice is very impressive.

Having said that, we also believe that Curvalicious is not for every woman.

If you never did any exercise before or if you think that only purchasing the Curvalicious program will deliver the results, then Flavia Del Monte’s system is probably not for you.
This body sculpting program requires real dedication and commitment in order to get the promised results and if you are not planning to work hard in order to get the perfect lean body then don’t waste your money on it.

On the other hand, the Curvalicious system can really help you to get the perfect feminine shape, so if you are serious about it and you can spend a little more money compared to other programs, then we believe that Curvalicious should be your first pick.

Moreover, the complete money back guarantee from Flavia Del Monte makes the Curvalicious workout system risk free solution and there is actually nothing to lose.

These are our final thoughts and we hope that you have found our Curvalicious review to be useful for you…

Important Update:

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We wish you the best!

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