If you heard about the Glowing Lean System by Kimberly Snyder and you wonder if this nutrition and weight loss program is really the right choice for you then you have found the right post 🙂

In this Glowing Lean System review you will discover what the Glowing Lean System is all about, what you will get when purchasing it, what are the main advantages and disadvantages of this popular program and if Kimberly Snyder’s methods are really the answer for your very own condition or not.

If you do not want to spend your money and precious time on a nutrition and weight loss program that is simply not for you, then we will strongly recommend dedicating only few minutes from your time and to read our Glowing Lean System review on this page to learn the real truth about Kimberly Snyder’s program.

Without further ado, let’s firstly learn what the Glowing Lean System is all about, what are the basics of it and who is Kimberly Snyder…

glowing lean system

What Is The Glowing Lean System?


Created by Kimberly Snyder, a Celebrity Nutritionist, Beauty Detox Specialist and a New York Times bestselling author that has been featured on many media platforms such as Dr. Oz, Ricki Lake, the Today Show and some others, the Glowing Lean System can be best described as a 12-week step-by-step diet and nutrition program that focuses on how to have proper digestion in order to get slim body, beautiful skin, more energy and healthier life.

Kimberly Snyder’s thesis about diet focuses mainly on energy and she explains that by eating the right nutrient rich foods that produce a lot of energy and rich ingredients that your body needs you will be able to save more energy on digesting the food, and as a result to have more energy during the day.

According to Kimberly Snyder having this kind of proper digestion will lead to a vibrant life and will allow any woman to lose weight, have a gorgeous skin and to get a slim and fitter body completely naturally.

In order to achieve these results Kimberly Snyder offers a very comprehensive program that contains several components such as video tutorials, multi-media trainings, workbooks, private community forum and other things that will help you to drop the fat and transform your body in as low as 12 weeks.

The main component of the Glowing Lean System is a series of several modules that combine text guides and video lessons with Kimberly Snyder which cover in great details every step that you need to follow in order to transform your body naturally. After the main modules comes a set of more advanced training modules which are optional but also very recommended in order to get the best results from this system.

We won’t describe the modules of the program in great details at this review because you can simply read about each one of them here, however in order to understand better if the Glowing Lean System is actually for you we will list below the most important pros and cons of this system that we believe you should know…

Kimberly Snyder Glowing Lean System

The Pros And Cons Of The Glowing Lean System


The Pros


Much More Than Just A Weight Loss Program

One thing that we really like about the Glowing Lean System is that unlike many weight loss programs online that only focus on different methods to lose weight, Kimberly Snyder’s system provides many other health and wellness benefits besides weight loss.

The fact that this program helps to have proper digestion and focuses on nutrient rich foods will also result in beautiful skin, more energy, healthier body and other benefits.

Created By A Real Expert In The Field

Let’s face it, these days there are lots of nutrition and weight loss programs online that were created by people with little experience to no experience at all which only try to make some money by mixing free articles online into one “weight loss guide” that supposed to help you losing weight fast.

However, there is no doubt that this is not the case with the Glowing Lean System by Kimberly Snyder. This system was created by a real world-class expert in the health and fitness field and one of the most famous figures that has worked with many clients on some of Hollywood’s biggest film sets, such as Fergie, Drew Barrymore, Hilary Duff and more.

In addition, Kimberly Snyder has appeared on many leading national television programs, including The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Dr. Oz Show, Good Day LA and some others, and there is no doubt that she is someone that can be trusted.

Very Comprehensive System

The Glowing Lean System is much more comprehensive compared to most similar programs online and everything that Kimberly Snyder gives to her one-on-one clients (who usually pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars for it) is provided in the Glowing Lean main package for only one time reasonable payment.

The Community Forum

Another great thing about the Glowing Lean System is the free access that every member gets to the private community forum.

We personally believe that one of the most important things that will determine your success with any diet, weight loss or nutrition program is the support from other people that you will get along the way. Without supportive community your chances to succeed are usually very low.

The good news is that the community of the Glowing Lean System is extremely supportive and from our experience they always try to help with any challenges you may come across along the way.

The Money Back Guarantee

Kimberly Snyder is very confident about the effectiveness of her Glowing Lean System and she offers full money back guarantee for 60 days for the entire package.

In other words, you have two months to try the methods inside the Glowing Lean System for yourself and to see if they work for you without any risk.


The Cons


Not Enough Focus On Exercise

Inside the Glowing Lean System you will find some components that deal with fat loss exercises, however, when it comes to weight loss the main focus of the program is on the “nutrition side” and not on the “exercise side” which is quite shallow compared to other popular programs online.

More Expensive Than Many Other Programs Online

The Glowing Lean System is a bit more expensive compared to many weight loss and nutrition programs online, including some programs that we have reviewed here before and women with a tight budget may find Kimberly Snyder’s system to be too costly for them.

Available Only Online And In Digital Edition

The Glowing Lean system comes in a digital edition which means once you pay for it you get immediate access to the members area that contains all the material of the program.

On one hand this is very convenient because this way you can start following the program immediately and to have access for it from almost anywhere. On the other hand, this program is not available in physical edition and some women that prefer this kind of format will probably be quite disappointed because of it.


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glowing lean system reviewsShould You Get The Glowing Lean System?


Glowing Lean by Kimberly Snyder is for you if:

  • You are looking for a natural way for women to lose weight without dangerous pills or expensive gear.
  • You are looking for a nutrition and diet program that not only helps with weight loss but also provides other health and wellness benefits.
  • You are looking for a proven program that was created by a real women’s health and fitness expert that can be trusted.
  • You are looking for a comprehensive program that combines videos, text, workbooks, community forum, step-by-step modules and other components in order to deliver the desired results.
  • You are looking for a product that is backed by full money back guarantee.

Glowing Lean by Kimberly Snyder is not for you if:

  • Your main goal is to lose weight as fast as possible and you are trying to find weight loss system that is based on intense exercise program instead of healthy nutrition.
  • You are on a very tight budget and you are looking for a simple and cheap guide that can help you losing weight or improve your current diet in the short term.
  • You are a man (sorry, this program was designed especially for women).
  • You think that only purchasing the Glowing Lean System will help you to get slim and healthy body without hard work on your part.


Kimberly SnyderThe Bottom Line

Overall, there is no doubt that the Glowing Lean System by Kimberly Snyder is one of the most impressive health and wellness systems we’ve seen in a long time.

This system offers amazing way to not only lose weight naturally and in a healthy way, but it also teaches you how to enjoy the right foods that will get your body back into balance so that you can enjoy many other health benefits as well.

In addition, the fact that this system was created by a real world-class expert and a New York Times bestselling author make this program much more reliable than many other systems online these days.

Having said that, we also must say that Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Lean System is not for everyone.

If you are looking for an intense workout program to lose weight fast then there are probably better solutions for you online such as the Venus Factor or even Shapeshifter Yoga if you prefer yoga movements. In addition, if you think that the Glowing Lean System is a “magical solution” and only purchasing it will give you the desired results without some work on your part, then Kimberly Snyder’s program is also not for you.

On the other hand, if you are serious enough about your health and fitness goals and you are looking for a real nutrition and weight loss program for women that really contains everything you need in order to get slim body, gorgeous skin and healthy life then there is no doubt that the Glowing Lean System is absolutely for you.

This system is maybe more expensive compared to other programs that you can find online, however it is also much more comprehensive and considering the fact that Kimberly Snyder’s one-on-one clients usually pay thousands of dollars for the same advice that you can find in the program, there is no doubt that the Glowing Lean System offers great value for money.

Moreover, the limited time special price that Kimberly Snyder offers for her complete Glowing Lean package right now together with the decent money back guarantee that comes with it make the Glowing Lean System affordable than ever and actually you have nothing to lose, except the extra pounds…

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We hope that our Glowing Lean System review was helpful for you.

If you have additional questions regarding Kimberly Snyder’s system please use our contact from to get in touch and we will try to help if we can.

We wish you the best!

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